Rap About Legal Business and Opportunities

Yo, listen up, I got the scoop, credit repair business is the truth.
It’s a way to make money, and it’s not a sleuth, so get on board and join the youth.

But if you’re into law, and want to do good, legal volunteer opportunities are in your neighborhood.
Give back to the community, make a change, take a stand, and turn the page.

Now, for all my Aussies, listen up, I got the dish, how many guns can you legally own in QLD, is not something to dismiss.
Know the laws, understand your rights, and stay safe every day and every night.

For those who want to be a lawyer, and excel, what is a legal intern, it’s not a hard sell.
Learn the ropes, gain experience, and pave the way, for a bright future, come what may.

Street legal three-wheelers, is it a real thing? The Honda three-wheeler street legal, let’s give it a ring.
Understand the rules, hit the road in style, and have fun with your ride, mile after mile.

Now, if you’re in Jersey, and want to find treasure, is it legal to dumpster dive in NJ, is it a pleasure?
Know the laws, stay out of trouble, and enjoy your haul, without a stumble.

So, if you’re into real estate, and want to make a deal, an example of a listing agreement, is the real deal.
Understand the terms, close the sale, and make sure everything goes without fail.

Truckers on the road, listen to this, DOT rest break rules, don’t miss.
Stay safe, take a break, and follow the law for heaven’s sake.

Now, for climate change, and the global stage, ad hoc working group on the Paris Agreement, is all the rage.
Take action, make a difference, and fight for our future, with confidence.

And for those who want to know their rights, case law on vehicle searches, is the light.
Know the law, protect yourself, and stand up for justice, for the benefit of your health.

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